Copyright Policy

At Vitall Markets, we uphold the importance of copyright protection and adherence to U.S. Fair Use guidelines. The following policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding the use and reproduction of material found on

  1. Personal Copy Usage: Individuals are permitted to create personal copies of Vitall Markets material in accordance with U.S. Fair Use standards.
  2. Copyright Ownership: Posts reproduced on are copyrighted by Vitall Markets. While the textual content of certain posts may exist in the public domain, the specific coding, design, and any displayed artwork are protected under Vitall Markets’ copyright. For any uncertainties, it is advisable to reach out to the Vitall Markets webmaster.
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  4. Podcast Property: Podcasts available on are the exclusive property of Vitall Markets. Individuals interested in rebroadcasting a podcast are required to seek permission from the Vitall Markets webmaster. Requests can be directed to [email protected].
  5. Ownership of Other Content: All other forms of writing, artwork, page design, and specialized tools present on, unless otherwise specified, are the sole property of Vitall Markets. Unauthorized copying or usage of these materials without explicit permission is strictly prohibited.

Vitall Markets is committed to protecting intellectual property rights and ensuring that the content on our platform is used in accordance with legal and ethical standards. For any inquiries, permissions, or clarification regarding the use of our content, we encourage individuals to contact the Vitall Markets webmaster. Respect for copyright policies contributes to a fair and sustainable digital environment.